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Thank you so much for my dummy clip! I have never won anything before in my life and what an amazing prize it is! I am a huge fan of ALL Baby Sense products. I have used the books, the cuddle wraps (my boy was swaddles until almost 6 months), the Womb to World CD, the sleeping bag, the taglets and the Tati Bear. All are amazing products ensuring good sleep and a calm contented baby.

The dummy clip is stylish and modern yet practical as it can be used with all dummy types and brands. It ensures my boy can find it at all times and isn’t plastic so won’t hurt him if he lies on it. The clip is also sturdy and strong and won’t come off! Thanks Baby Sense for your awesome products!!!
Jeanie Jennings

Julle produkte is regtig great. Het twee van julle boeke en die twee CD’s, doedoelappie en toedraaikombersies en dit help baie! Is net spyt ek het nie alles van die begin af gehad nie, met my tweede kind sal ek nie weer daai fout maak nie!
Carien Grobler

Dear Baby Sense, my order arrived yesterday, and I am delighted with the sleeping bag! I could not believe how quickly my order arrived, given that I only placed it on Friday. Thank you so much for your efficient and friendly service. I was really impressed with how efficient the whole process was, from beginning to end – the web shop was easy to use, your staff on the helpline were wonderful with my query, your email confirmation of my order was prompt and detailed, and the product itself is great. I am a fan of all the Baby Sense products, and now I’m a fan of your online system too! Thank you!
Anjanette Barker

I have started to read Meg’s Sleep Sense book. It’s a joy - so well written. The problem is, it's taking me forever as I always want to read back and study the text as if I were going to be tested on it - that's how much I value the information! I look forward to putting what I learn into practice, so that my boy – and I – can get some sleep! Thank you
Annabel Solomon

Katie is a true “Baby Sense” baby and is a walking advertisement for your principles! I have managed to convert many friends as well as family members into adapting the Baby Sense way, after they have seen how content and happy she is….ALL the time.
Nicky Taylor, Cape Town

I dont think I would have survived motherhood without the Sleep Sense book....it helped me understand my baby and his sleep pattern. (he gets overstimulated easily but I pick up the signs like an expert now!). Also helped me to diagnose the reflux and the best of all....my baby is sleeping through the night in his own room and loves his sleeping space! (I used 6 cuddlewraps , the 2 recommended CD's and a Taglet to get this right! ) Guess what my pregnant friend is getting for a baby shower gift? Ha-ha

Howzit Meg. Your baby sling invention is the bomb.

Well done. I have bought Baby Sense for a friend of mine whose baby is due in June and I'll buy her Sleep Sense once her baby has arrived. Thank you so much for 2 amazing books that make so much "sense" and are so easy to read.

I have the sleeping bags and the taglets, the CD’s and the Baby Sense book, the cuddle wrap and breast feeding blanket etc. we love them all and use them daily.

Thanks to Megan and Anne for their wonderful insight and for sharing there knowledge in such a wonderful practical way, my baby is content and happy thanks to them.

I just wanted to say a Huge THANK YOU for your wonderful Sleep Sense book. We bought it about 3 weeks ago and started the sleep training method with my 9 month old boy.
It was really tough but finally now he is sleeping through. I was really struggling with him waking up 3 to 4 times a night and I had to feed him to get him to go back to sleep. It was exhausting.
It is wonderful now to be able to calmly put him down and he falls asleep by himself. Thank you both from my husband, my 7 year old daughter, myself and my little boy. You have really helped us. and its made the world of difference.

I love the sense products and have all your books – they helped me survive, I refer to them as the maternity leave bible!!

I would like to thank you for your OUTSTANDING literature. I have both the Baby Sense and Sleep Sense books and I always buy my new mommy friends their own copy with an inscription that “babies do not come with a manual, but this is as close as you can get to a baby manual!” I call your books my baby bibles!

Wow, that's really generous of Babysense to offer that CD. Thank you so much -not that I'll be needing it though as i have it already!

We play it EVERY single night for my baby to fall asleep to. He also listens out for it when it's bed time, and starts humming the first tune before it even starts. When it begins, he becomes so relaxed and starts getting ready for sleep beautifully. It's a lifesaver. I also really enjoy listening to it myself, it's such a treat to relax to at the end of the day with my baby.

Please send my thanks to Meg for a beautifully compiled CD.
Lara Payne

I am a huge fan of Baby Sense and have found it an invaluable tool for both my babies during their various stages of development. I also find your newsletter most informative. I think you have built a wonderful brand with fabulously useful products. Thank you - Love your work!
Tanya, Cape Town

We have received a number of Baby Sense Products. The quality of each product as well as the packaging is excellent. Our baby Ethan loves his Baby Sense goodies. We found the service excellent!
Minnaar Family, Cape Town

Baby Sense products are of high quality and they last longer. The sling is more convenient because I can carry my baby in different position so she will feel comfortable even when she’s sleeping.
Nolwazi Moyo

The baby sense products are just awesome. The little baby soothing cloth just works fantastic. My niece uses it. It is so much better than all the other products.

We love Baby Sense products because:

They are tailor-made for mom and baby and help to create loving memories of snug and gentle bodies wrapped in care
Martie Hofmeyr

I could not imagine my life without my little angel Madison. The first 3 months were the most challenging and I don't know what I would have done without my husband, but I could always rely on my trusty Baby Sense CD.

The CD not only calmed little Madison but mom too. The Baby Sense book was always near reach. My trusty book helped me with everything, who knows what would have happened without it. My beautiful, happy daughter is now one, unbelievable how fast the time flies by.
Thank you so much for all the wonderful tools you provide us mothers with.
Michéle Kruger

So far I have invested in two Baby Sense products - the Baby Sense book and the taglet. My book is completely dog-eared, filled with various highlighter colours and well-worn thanks to the constant hours of reading and re-reading that I have done. Although I have bought other baby books, none of them come close to the Baby Sense book.

It truly is a wonderful, insightful and practical text that I have recommended again and again to expecting friends. I am expecting my second child (girl) on the 13th May and have the Taglet packed in her hospital bag, ready and waiting to use from day one! Can't wait.

Thank you for printing and publishing a book that makes real 'sense' and has been invaluable to me through my son's first year. I will be reading it again very carefully through my daughters next 12 months
Kathleen Cleator

I love Baby Sense products. I have been using the white noise CD since my son was born. Everyone comments on how well he sleeps. We always have a good laugh when I tell them my secret. I received the Baby Sense Book when my son was one month old. The book really came at the right time. I have learnt so much valuable information especially about the night time routine. Having dark curtains and self soothing techniques. Now when I go to Baby Showers I only buy one book Baby Sense. Thanks So Much
Riki Maragela

Baby Sense products are close to my heart because they aids in the development of your child which is very important to me as a parent.
Erica van Wyk

It is a sense that baby's need it is perfect for all baby's it makes a baby feel special and wanted. I just love it!!
Nadia Klopper

I love your Baby Sense products purely because it’s so easy and reliable to use! It also provides my little one with a safe nurturing environment – something that is creating a happy content baby for the long run!
Apart from all the above obvious facts, the sling is fashionable and something I am proud to be using!I would be honored to be a winner in the competition – my baby needs it.
Nadia Henning

Baby Sense Give-away
I have no knowledge of your products, but have heard about the sleeping bags for babies and that it works well. I am thinking about buying it for my second baby. I would love to get to know your products.
Magdel de Roubaix