For the expecting parents and parent of a newborn, the Birth & Newborn Seminar (08h30 – 12h00) is not to be missed – the ultimate crash course on birth and baby’s first months. South Africa’s leading baby and parenting experts will share their knowledge and insights. The program includes:

The golden hour – Tina Otte

First few hours after birth are a developmentally distinct time for a baby. Tina Otte, well known midwife, will discuss your newborn’s amazing capabilities and why skin on skin contact is essential for mom and baby in the magical hour after birth. The process and ‘how to’ will be explained so that you can speak to your caregiver in advance and plan for when you give birth.

From womb to world – Dr Welma Lubbe

The transition from the womb to world is a period of enormous change and adjustment for you and your baby. In this informative talk Dr Welma Lubbe looks at how the senses develop in utero and the senses at birth and how to use this information to make the transition from womb to world a smooth one, the secrets of foetus stimulation, and tips to manage colic and ensure a calm, contented little one

Newborn basics – Sr Ann Richardson

Sr Ann Richardson’s entertaining and informative talk will take you through the basics of the first six weeks his of #baby101. She will be covering umbilical cord care, nappy changes, feeding, sleeping, sniffles and snuffles, establishing a flexible routine and everything in between.

Tickets include a bag of baby goodies, invaluable information in a comprehensive booklet and the chance of winning amazing prizes.