The Baby Seminar (13h30 – 17h00) is aimed at parents with babies up to the age of 12 months. South Africa’s leading baby and parenting experts will share their knowledge and insights. The program includes:

Stimulating your baby – Kate Bailey

So much happens in the first year of a baby’s life and early experiences are the architect of the brain. Occupational Therapist, Kate Bailey, reveals more about the key to/insights on effective stimulation covering what stimulation to offer our baby at each developmental stage, how to be attuned to your baby’s needs and how to relate and communicate with them.

Gentle sleep solutions – Sr Ann Richardson

Settle your baby to sleep and establish healthy sleep habits in a step-by-step approach that promises improved sleep over night. Sr Ann Richardson will cover how to establish a sense-able sleep routine based on your baby’s age, how to set the scene for good sleep habits and sleep expectations for every age. She will also talk about age appropriate sleep training and dispelling any myths about sleep training as she does not advocate the “crying it out” sleep training theory.

The brave mom’s toolkit – Lizanne du Plessis

Most moms agree that they wish they had a colour-coded parenting handbook that answers all questions, addresses all fears and gives guarantees that what they’re doing is the right thing. In this talk Occupational Therapist, Lizanne du Plessis, unpacks what brave moms have in their toolkit. She challenges moms to embrace vulnerability, give up perfection, resist falling into the comparison trap and take care of themselves.

Tickets include a bag of baby goodies, invaluable information in a comprehensive booklet and the chance of winning amazing prizes.